Are you ready for the World Clicker Equine Games?


This fall, Hannah Dawson Equine is hosting the first ever World Clicker Equine Games. The clicker games are a free online video competition where clicker trainers from around the world can show off what they have achieved with their horses using positive training techniques. The judging and awards will take place at the 2012 Equine Clicker Conference.

Clicker training is quickly becoming more and more common in the horse training world. And horse clicker trainers are coming up with very cool and unique ways to apply clicker training to horse training! I am looking forward to seeing all of the entries for the competition. I’ve seen a few already and they were really great.

Participants can enter in one of three classes:

Clix Fix: Using clicker training to come up with positive solutions for “problem” behaviors
Clix Trix: Using clicker training to teach funny and creative tricks
Clix Grand Prix: Using clicker training to teach finished performance behaviors

I’m looking forward watching all the videos, but I’m most looking forward to seeing what people submit for the Clix Grand Prix category. I meet some horse folks who acknowledge that clicker training is good for trick training or fixing problems, but who still do not think clicker training can be used to train performance behaviors and riding. These videos should be more evidence that clicker training can be used to train almost anything!

Are you planning on participating? If so, entries are due September 15 and must be under 3 minutes. As I understand it, this is a “friendly” competition that will help show the world all the great behaviors we can teach our horses using clicker training. So, don’t be shy, get your camera out and start filming!

For more info, including example videos for all three classes, check out the youtube video below.

Watch on YouTube: The World Clicker Equine Games

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