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Students Form Special Bond with Rescue Horses

Our rescue made the front page of the Waxahachie Daily Light (the local paper) on Friday. We’ve uploaded the article to the rescue’s website, so you can check it out here: Ferris High School students form special bond with rescue horses Ferris High School, one of the local high schools, has a large agriculture and […]

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Apparently I Sell Mustangs?

Here’s an e-mail I got yesterday. It’s obviously spam, but it gave me a good laugh. Unfortunately, I’m all out of Baby Horse (Mustangs) right now, so Chris is out of luck. We do have a lot of great rescue horses who are looking for homes, but I don’t think most scammers are actually interested […]

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Happily Ever After

Rescue horses are old and sick. They’re crippled and broken down. They’ve been hopeless abused and deserve to just be put down. These are many of the myths about rescue horses and reasons why many people still shy away from adopting. Today is Blog the Change for Animals, an online event where bloggers write about […]

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palomino horse getting scratches

All the Sheriff’s Horses

Or rather, two horses and three donkeys. Kirsten, Dawn and I took a short field trip down the road today to visit the equines currently at the sheriff’s station. The sheriff’s station is an uncertain place to be if you’re a horse. Most horses that end up at the sheriff’s are strays that won’t be […]

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