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Give Me a Break!

These are my notes from the 2012 Art and Science of Animal Training Conference. Click here for more notes from this conference. Training can be a lot of fun. However, it can also be physically and mentally challenging for both the animal and the human. Although breaks are needed, they can really disrupt a training […]

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This is our tuxedo barn cat boo sitting in one of the horse's feet bowls

Does Clicker Training Work with Cats?

Does clicker training work with cats? Of course it does! I often hear people say that clicker training works with dogs (or a different species) but they are still skeptical about it working with certain other species (such as cats or horses). Cats, of course, have a bit of a reputation for being independent and […]

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Are You Having Fun Yet? (video)

Horse training (or dog training, parrot training, fish training, etc.) should be fun. Let me repeat, training an animal should be fun and enjoyable for both you and the animal! So, are you having fun yet? And is your horse or dog having the same amount of fun? Many times we say an animal (or […]

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