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Hanging out with Beau and Gracie

Here are some photos from last weekend of Beau and Gracie, two of our sanctuary residents at the horse rescue. I’ve written about both Beau and Gracie before, both of them were horribly abused and were completely untouchable for the first several years that they were at the rescue. They were terrified of people and […]

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Wordless Wednesday: A Caterpillar

Signs of spring are all around us in north Texas. Flowers blooming, bugs and butterflies, and lots and lots of wildflowers. Actually, spring has been here for quite a few weeks now. We are lucky that we are having an unusually long and lovely spring for Texas. Usually, we seem to go straight from a […]

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Tex Loves Scratches

Worming Horses: A successful adventure!

Dawn and I wormed the horses at the rescue yesterday. Now, for instance, when I was working at the camp last summer worming was something I could do in about 15 minutes after breakfast. But those were six easy going stalled horses. When it’s 41 horses, on two different properties, a handful of whom aren’t […]

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Horses Are For Riding? (sometimes!)

Horses Are For Riding? (sometimes!)

I spend a lot of time on the ground these days. Not because I’m getting bucked off, but because I choose to. As I’ve explored different natural horsemanship methods over the past couple of years, I’ve learned about all sorts of new ways to play with a horse without climbing into the saddle– from obstacle […]

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