Wordless Wednesday: A Caterpillar

Signs of spring are all around us in north Texas. Flowers blooming, bugs and butterflies, and lots and lots of wildflowers. Actually, spring has been here for quite a few weeks now. We are lucky that we are having an unusually long and lovely spring for Texas. Usually, we seem to go straight from a mild winter to the hot days of summer!

So, I’ve been enjoying this nice spring weather and trying to spend some time outside. This is hard, since I do have the end of the semester coming up and lots of school work to do! These photos are of a neat little caderpillar who I met at the horse rescue a couple of weekends ago. He found his way onto my shirt accidentally. So, I pulled him off and he had a nice time crawling across my hand before I set him down on a tree branch.

I hope that you are enjoying spring and getting to spend some time outside playing with your animals and enjoying the weather. Below is a picture of two of our old timers at the rescue, Jim and Shadow. I snapped this picture the same day I met the caterpillar.

These two geldings, both who are around 30, are the best of buds. They are definitely enjoying this nice spring weather and were having a pleasant breakfast under these shady trees when I snapped this photo. You can read more about Jim and Shadow’s stories on the rescue’s website. Here is Jim’s page and here is Shadow’s page. We’ve recently updated our website and added new photos and information for some of our resident horses, such as these two, so please check it out!

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