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Ginger works on Fetch!

Ginger works on Fetch!

How hard should it be to teach a dog to fetch? Right now, Ginger thinks dog toys are for chewing, tugging or chasing. We’ve never bothered to teach her to bring them back. Of course, Ginger is perfectly capable of fetching, the issue is communicating to her that this is what I want her to […]

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Upcoming Classes, Conferences, Clinics

School starts tomorrow and this spring is going to be busy! I’m taking some really neat classes this semester in my Behavior Analysis program at UNT. I am hoping to blog more about my classwork–last semester was filled with neat articles and interesting discussions and I’d like to discuss some of the more interesting ideas […]

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Stimulus Control and the Do Nots

  As I’ve talked about before, cues are powerful only if we can get them under stimulus control. (What is stimulus control?) The animal must be able to distinguish between a variety of different cues, know which behavior goes with which cue and know not to perform the behaviors unless the cue is given. I’ve […]

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