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Riding the pony Tex

Tex Moves Forward

Tex is moving forward under saddle. At least, that’s the goal! Recently, I posted a bit of video footage from Tex’s second ride. He’s had about half a dozen rides now, most about 10-15 minutes long. We’ve been playing around with stop and go, as well as steering. I want Tex to be really confident […]

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Tex is a Smart Pony!

Tex is a Smart Pony!

Tex the pony and I have been working on getting really, really good at backing up. This is one skill we’ve really been focusing on for the past several clicker training sessions. Backing up is good for Tex for two reasons. (Actually, there are probably a lot more reasons!) 1. Tex is quickly becoming a […]

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Tex’s Second Ride

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we’ve started riding Tex, one of the ponies at the rescue. This is pretty exciting because it is a huge milestone in his training. So far, I’m happy to report, he’s been brave and confident and taken everything completely in stride. Here’s a short clip from Wednesday (his second […]

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Riding the pony Tex

A new year and three new horses

A (slightly belated) happy new year! I must admit, I got quite busy with finals and then the holidays during December and, as a result, neglected my duties to this blog. But it’s a new year and I plan to get back to a fairly regular posting schedule. We’ve been busy at the rescue with […]

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young pony trailer loading

Tex Practices Being Brave

The weather was perfect this weekend for playing with the ponies at the rescue. I spent quite a bit of time on Saturday working with Tex, one of our two year old ponies. He’s friendly and halter-broke, but really hasn’t had a whole lot of training. Tex was absolutely TERRIFIED of people when we first […]

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