A new year and three new horses

A (slightly belated) happy new year!
I must admit, I got quite busy with finals and then the holidays during December and, as a result, neglected my duties to this blog. But it’s a new year and I plan to get back to a fairly regular posting schedule.

We’ve been busy at the rescue with the horses. We’ve taken in three new equines from the group I talked about in this post.. I’ll write more about each of them in the coming weeks. The rescue took both horses, as well as the baby donkey. We think that we’ve found a home for the two adult donkeys, who are still at the sheriff’s station.

Ella, the baby donkey, has fallen in love with Cricket, one of our two year old geldings. She brays and goes running after him if he gets too far away! He is being a great babysitter and seems to keep a watchful eye on her.

The palomino stud, Connor, is now a gelding. He is skeptical of some things, but seems to have had at least some previous training. We’ve started doing some groundwork with him and are currently assessing how much he knows.

We also took the skinny chestnut filly, who we are calling Gingersnap, from the group at the Sheriff’s. She is going to be alright, but is in pretty bad shape currently. Skin and bones and with some nasty cuts and scrapes, including one on her face that goes clear to the bone. She is curious, but somewhat hesitant and not yet ready to completely trust us.

Also, we’ve started riding Tex, who I was doing ground work with last semester. He is such a brave, confident little pony and didn’t mind being ridden at all. We’re taking it slowly and letting him think about and get use to everything. For now we’ve just been wandering around the round pen, working on a bit of woah and go. But he’s done fantastic so far. I have a bit of video, once I get it edited, I’ll post it on the blog.

I hope that you’re having a great new year so far!

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