Dog treat review: Primal turkey liver treats

Primal freeze-dried turkey liver dog treatsLast month, the dogs and I had the chance to review some really yummy freeze-dried turkey liver treats from They were the Turkey Liver Munchies from Primal, which are available on Chewy’s website here.

Now, when I hear the phrase “freeze-dried turkey liver,” that doesn’t exactly sound like something I’d like to have for a snack. However, the dogs seemed to think quite differently and they got pretty excited every time I pulled out this bag of treats!

What I liked about these treats

My favorite part about these treats was the texture. Some brands of freeze-dried treats tend to be hard and crumbly. If you try to break them into pieces, they just fall apart. These treats, in contrast, had a great texture. They were nice and crunchy when the dogs ate them, but they weren’t too brittle or crumbly. I was pretty easily able to break them into smaller pieces to use during training sessions without them breaking into a hundred pieces.

Dexter the schnoodleAlso, the Primal treats are really healthy and safe, for those of you who are concerned about what goes into your dog’s stomach. (And all of us should be concerned about this!) They are one ingredient treats – the only ingredient is turkey liver. No extra preservatives, grains, or fillers. In addition, Primal uses only human-grade USDA meats that are raised in the United States and New Zealand.

What the dogs thought

These treats were also a big winner with the dogs. I used them some for training with my parent’s dog, Ginger, and also with a handful of dogs at work. One dog in particular that really seemed to enjoy these treats was Dexter the schnoodle. Eight month old Dexter spent some time with me recently doing one of our board and train programs.

Dexter the schnoodle practices coming when calledDuring his week-long visit, Dexter got to work on sit, down, stay, come, and a few other skills. Come can be a pretty hard behavior to learn, especially for a bouncy puppy that is very interested in everything going on around him. We used a different kind of treat for much of Dexter’s training, but the Primal turkey liver treats turned out to be an awesome reward when we were practicing come. Sometimes during training, it’s so nice to have an extra special reward that the dog just loves and these treats seemed to do the trick! (The pictures in this post are from one of Dexter’s field trips to a local park, where he got to practice come on a 20 foot leash.)

These were some tasty treats and I look forward to using them in the future, as well as trying some of the other Primal freeze-dried treats. Note: I did receive a free sample of these treats from However, I was not compensated for this review and was under no obligation to write a positive review.

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