Dog Training Update

Here’s a video of Ginger and I playing from about a week ago.

It shows a handful of the things we’ve been working on recently.

We’ve been working quite a bit on targeting type behaviors, including touching my palm and touching the end of a targeting stick. (More information about target training.) She really understand the hand and mostly understands touching the stick. She’s starting to get the hang of following the hand even when moving, which will be important if we pass our beginning training classes and ever make it up to the agility classes. This is because an easy way to teach most agility obstacles is to have the dog follow your hand.

We also work some in the video on sit, down and stand. She’s pretty solid on all three of these behaviors at this point. The cue for stand is a flat hand right in front of her nose. Sometimes she gets confused and sits immediately after she stands, but we’ve been working on this and she’s getting better.

Also, just for fun, I’ve been working on teaching her to spin in a circle. For a long time, I’d have her do two spins in a row. Now, I’m trying to increase this to 3-4 spins. However, she often gets stuck after two spins. All this means is that we just need to keep practicing!

At one point, my mom wanders in front of the video camera. I tried to tell her we were filming, but she decided she needed something from the fridge. As my mom said the other day “Our kitchen is going to be famous!” So, step into my kitchen, and enjoy the video!

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