Rain, rain, where are you?

We are in the middle of one of the worst droughts that Texas has seen in a long time. No rain, and VERY hot temps! The high yesterday was 105 F and the high today is 103 F.

The horses are pretty miserable. They spend most of the day standing in the sheds or huddled together under the trees. We try to get most of our chores, training and riding done in the early morning, before the temperatures get too hot. Still, with lows in the low 80s, even the early morning feels warm!!

What’s the weather like in your part of the country? Is it miserably hot and dry or are you getting some nicer weather, shade, or rain? What are you doing to stay cool and what are you doing to keep your horses happy during the hot weather?

Our boys in the front pasture were feeling pretty silly the other day and took off running and chasing each other mid-day, in the heat of the day! They didn’t run long, probably about 5 or 10 minutes, but they sure seemed to be having fun. Lately, none of them have had the energy to move very fast in this hot heat. I got a few good pictures, which are below. With the lack of rain, they were really kicking up the dust.

After running their laps and stirring up the dust, the three big geldings settled down near the water troughs to get a much needed drink! The two ponies and our yearling donkey found a nice shady spot at the front of the pasture to rest and catch their breath.

So, how are you and your horses holding up with all this hot summer weather?

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