Books, books, and more books

Thanks to all who entered last week’s book giveaway for a copy of The Possibility Dogs!

I used to selected a commenter, and the random number generator selected comment number 6, which was Mary from Maryland. I’ve contacted Mary and she’ll be receiving a copy of the book in the mail later this week.

For those of you who were interested in my review of The Possibility Dogs, but who didn’t win the giveaway, I encourage you to check out The Possibility Dogs on Amazon. It is quite reasonably priced!

Also, several commenters mentioned that they had read (and enjoyed) Scent of the Missing, which was Susan Charleson’s first book about her adventures training her dog Puzzle as a search and rescue dog. I have not read this book, but it does sound interesting. It’s also available on Amazon.

I’ve spent a good deal of time inside this weekend. As I wrote about a couple of days ago, north Texas got hit by a huge ice storm! As I result, I had some time to catch up on several books I’ve been reading.

I have recently finished reading Dr. John Pilley’s new book Chaser: Unlocking the genius of the dog who knows a thousand words. This is a very interesting book that documents Dr. Pilley’s fascinating journey to teach Chaser, a border collie, over 1,000 proper nouns, as well as category nouns and verbs.

Be sure to check back later this week…. I might just have a book review of Dr. Pilley’s book about Chaser, as well as a free copy to give away!

In the meantime, take a look at this fun video clip of Chaser demonstrating some of her amazing language knowledge. The video shows some of the tests that were done to measure Chaser’s ability to remember the names of her toys.

Watch on YouTube: A film documenting Chaser’s learning of 1000 words

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