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For awhile in 2009 and 2010, I ran a clicker training blog carnival called The Clicker Carnival. This section is a collection of those posts. You can find more information about The Clicker Carnival on this page of my site.


Clicker Carnival #6 (March 2010)

Welcome to the March edition of the Clicker Carnival! Below you’ll find some great blog articles on animal training from the past month from around the web. This edition’s a little late–the weather has been gorgeous in Texas and I’ve been outside playing with the ponies rather than tending to the blog. The horses are […]

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March Clicker Carnival Coming Soon

My, didn’t February fly by! Dallas saw some crazy snow but has recently returned to lovely, sunshiny 50s. I attended the 2010 Art and Science of Animal Training Conference at UNT, which was phenomenal. Gatsby and Daisy, two of our young horses, learned how to wear halters and started working on leading. And just this […]

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Clicker Carnival #5

Welcome to the February 2010 edition of the clicker carnival. Below you’ll find a collection of great blog articles related to positive animal training. There are some great stories, as well as a few intriguing posts that I hope will really get you thinking. Check them all out and if you blog, we’d love for […]

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February Clicker Carnival Coming Soon

Do you blog about positive animal training? Submit your favorite blog post from January to the February edition of the Clicker Carnival, the only blog carnival specifically for positive animal trainers. All submissions related to positive training are welcome, from personal training stories, to how-to articles and videos, to product and book reviews. Read more […]

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jan12 ring around the rosie

February Carnival of the Horses

Welcome! This month, staleCheerios is hosting the February edition of the Carnival of the Horses, a blog carnival devoted to all things related to horses. Check out the submissions below, I think you’ll enjoy them! Kerry Kelly presents Martial Arts Pony posted at Hoofbeats. Ishtar presents Equine Expansion! posted at Esther Garvi. Sue Steiner presents […]

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Clicker Carnival #4

Happy New Year! 2010. A new year. A new decade! January is a great time to think about goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. What do you plan to do with your animals this year? Any training goals or tasks that you’d really like to start or perfect this year? Or, maybe you’re planning […]

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