Clicker Carnival #6 (March 2010)


Welcome to the March edition of the Clicker Carnival! Below you’ll find some great blog articles on animal training from the past month from around the web.

This edition’s a little late–the weather has been gorgeous in Texas and I’ve been outside playing with the ponies rather than tending to the blog. The horses are enjoying the weather too–such as Cricket (pictured above) sleeping in the sun.

Enjoy these articles and enjoy the coming month as the weather warms up. I wish you beautiful spring weather, whatever you are, and plenty of time outside with your animals.

Barrie presents Jellybean is a Whiz posted at Fun with Dogs. Jelly Bean is learning a few new tricks! Check them out, along with some video footage, over at Barrie’s blog.

Diana L Guerrero presents Animal Training is Like Piano Playing posted at Ark Animal Answers. Check out Ark Animals to find out how animal training is like piano playing. You might be surprised at some of the similarities!

Caitlyn presents Charging the Clicker and Targeting posted at Beebee’s Chrome Chevalier. I love stories of animals learning about clicker training. Chrome’s a smarty and caught onto clicker training in his first session.

Eileen Murphy presents Using a Muzzle posted at Companions Training Blog. Should you train your dog to wear a muzzle? You might be surprised at the answer!

Molly presents Poisoned Cues and Natural Horsemanship posted at Golden the Pony Girl. Poisoned cues can slow down our training–and often we don’t even realize they’re there! The post is a great introduction to the subject of poisoned cues.

Anne presents Prepare for the Worst posted at Pet Central. “Bad” behavior is usually just normal dog behavior! However, there are lots of ways to make dog behavior more acceptable to our human world.

Debbie presents Taking an Intermediate Dog Back to Beginners posted on her dog training blog. This is a great training story about what to do when an animal isn’t getting what you’re trying to train.

Emma presents Trick Wise posted at Star’s Blog. Star is working on a few cool new tricks. This post also has a great discussion about why trick training is awesome for horses. (The dog people who read the carnival might not realize this, but many traditional horse people are very opposed to teaching horses “tricks.”)

I attended the 2010 Art and Science of Animal Training Conference at UNT last month. The conference was awesome and I have been (slowly) posting my notes online. If you missed them, you can check them out here.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the clicker carnival. Join us next month for even more articles about positive training. To find out how to submit articles to the carnival as well as to check out the archives of past issues, check out this page.

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