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I’ve found a new blog that I really like. It’s the blog of Laurie Luck, a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner. She also has a M.A. in psychology and is the Vice President of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

She’s recently blogged about two topics that are near and dear to my heart and that you might enjoy reading.

What is Obedience?

Many people want their dog (or other pet) to obey no matter what. If the dog disobeys, it’s the dog’s fault. As Laurie says in this post:

It’s up to you, the person, to teach the dog how to do what you ask no matter what the distance, no matter what the distraction, no matter what the duration.

Basically, as I’ve said before, trainers and owners need to take responsibility for their animal’s behavior and stop blaming the animals for their inability to train.

Know Thy Dog

This is a great, short post on motivation. When we train or work with an animal, the animal is always asking “What’s in it for me?

Many people naively say they want their animal to obey out of respect or because they say so. In these cases, there’s nothing in it for the animal. An animal will only work to gain things he wants and avoid things he doesn’t want. However, there’s plenty ways we can motivate our animals. The better we get to know our animals, the more we’ll understand what works well as motivation for each particular animal.

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