Alexandra Kurland Clinic and New Photos

My friend Jane, over at Bookends Farm, recently published a lovely series of posts about Alexandra Kurland’s most recent clicker training clinic in Danby, Vermont.

If you are interested in clicker training or horse training, I would definitely recommend checking them out, especially post 3! Here are the links, as well as a few quotes:

Post 1 Alexandra Kurland Clinic- Increase the Rate of Reinforcement
“By holding out for better, I got less. By rewarding more, we shot past previous standards.”

Post 2 High Rate of Reinforcement — Conclusion
More on distractions, rates of reinforcement and riding.

Post 3 Taking the “Make it Happen” out
“You hear people speak of “asking” a horse to do something. But it’s sometimes difficult to see the difference between asking and telling. Is there a threat behind that ask? What happens if the horse says ‘no’?”

Post 4 One Last (?) Clinic Post
This last post covers mat work, rope handling and some simulations using humans as horses!

The weather’s starting to cool off a little bit in north Texas, high 80s and low 90s, instead of 105 degrees. However, the rain and mud of fall hasn’t set in quite yet. It’s been lovely weather for playing with the horses and for taking photos, since everything is still green. Well, the weeds are still green!!

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