Boomer Gets a New Home!

Boomer, one of our young paint horse geldings, got adopted this weekend! Boomer had been at the rescue for a little over a year. When he arrived in 2009, he was very skeptical of people and completely untouchable. Because the rescue had so many horses last winter, he did not get very much handling until this past spring. However, once he decided people were fun to be around, he was always one of the first ones to greet us at the gate.

His new family also adopted Rosie from the rescue at the end of the summer. Apparently, they came out and met Boomer this weekend and fell in love with him. He is a very gregarious and curious horse–there’s a lot to love about him! It’s hard to be sad when the horses get adopted when we know that they are going to great homes where they’ll get plenty of love and attention.

Boomer’s been on the blog a handful of times over the past year, his first work with halter training, learning about trailers and fly masks, and recently working on picking up his feet. Although he’s had some basic handling, he still needs quite a bit of ground work before he’s ready to ride. Boomer’s new family plans to keep working on his training so that when he’s ready, he’ll make a great riding horse.

(P.S. Boomer has gorgeous eyes–one blue eye and one dark grey eye. Check out the photos below!)

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