Sheriff the Shy (but curious!) Donkey

shy donkey begins training

Sheriff the donkey was recently rescued and already has a new home! However, he is staying at the rescue for a short while until he can go to his new home. He is curious and interested in people, but can still be a bit shy and skeptical, especially when being approached.

Once you get close, he is more than happy to have you scratch his ears, face, shoulders and back. However, he’s a bit skeptical about being approached. I petted him some and spent some time with him yesterday when he arrived.

Sherrif the donkey begins training

He wouldn’t let me get very close to him today, so I started with some CAT style approach and retreat. I would approach, wait for a sign of curiosity, interest or friendly behavior, and then back off. After about 20 minutes he was following me around the round pen and was definitely enjoying having his ears scratched.
Here’s a clip from towards the end, I’ll post some more clips from working with him today later on. By letting him repeatedly approach me, it helped build his confidence and curiosity. He knew he could leave at any time if he got scared or unsure. Sheriff really seems to enjoy getting his ears scratched and is quickly becoming friendlier and more confident.

I will keep you updated as we continue to work with him. I think he’s going to be a friendly little fellow before too much longer!

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