Trailer Loading at Liberty and Dottie Gets Adopted

Our sweet Dottie got adopted!

Dottie has really blossomed into a sweet, curious little mare this fall, largely thanks to multiple volunteers at the rescue being willing to take it slow and let her learn that it’s fun to interact with people. You can read about some of the work Meghan did working on building trust with her by clicking here and some of the work Kirsten did building trust with her by clicking here. Now she loves clicker training and she’ll even chase little Tex off in the pasture so that SHE can get petted!

So, when a visitor came to check out the horses recently, she couldn’t help but fall in love with cute little Dottie. This is a huge switch from this summer, when she was practically untouchable. We had one family at the end of the summer come to look at horses but quickly scratch her off the list–much too wild and wary of people.

She’s got a great home now, though, with a woman who is completely in love with her and who will give her lots of attention, training and love. Definitely a happy beginning for Dottie.

And, here’s one final video clip of her from last weekend. She and I were playing around with the little trailer that Trixie thought was SO scary. It didn’t take long for Dottie to be walking in and out of it with confidence. Then, when I grabbed part of an apple (a really high value treat) she was even willing to walk in and out of it several times at liberty. Definitely a brave little mare. I think that she’ll be great on the trails once she gets started under saddle.

Watch on Youtube: Dottie Loads at Liberty

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