A Bearded Dragon Who Plays Video Games

Now here’s a youtube video of one cool lizard!!!

This bearded dragon thinks the ants in this phone game look pretty appetizing. And, she has pretty good aim, too! I assume that this did not take any training, but I’m not sure. I just hope she got a treat for all her hard work!

What do you think?

Watch on YouTube: Bearded Dragon Playing Ant Crusher

I experimented some last spring with teaching my dog to use my ipad. We didn’t get very far, but she did get to the point where she would touch a square on the screen, the ipad would make a sound, and she would come and get a treat.

Touch screens have expanded the possibilities for research on animal behavior and intelligence. I know touch screens have been used for research with species such as rats, pigeons, primates and dogs. I’ve been thinking recently about training my rat Georgie to use my ipad–I know that she could totally do it! I bet Georgie could even learn to play songs on some of the musical instrument ipad apps. (I wonder if she’d be as good as the musical lab rats that I posted about last month?)

Do you have any high-tech pets? Do you incorporate technology into your animal training? Have any cool ideas for training tasks using technology with animals? I’d love to hear some of your thoughts!

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