Fish Can Use Tools Too!

There are A LOT of myths about fish being dumb and untrainable. As I found out a couple of years ago with my goldfish Blaze, fish are actually very trainable! (You can see some of his training here or here.)

Recently, scientists have discovered that fish use tools. Scientists use to think that only humans could use tools. Then, field researchers discovered that chimps and other apes could use tools too. As we learn more about animal behavior, other birds and mammals are continually being added to the list of species that use tools. I guess humans aren’t that unique after all!

Check out the video clip below, which shows an Orange-Dotted Tuskfish who carries a clam shell across the ocean, picks out a really big rock, then throws the shell repeatedly against the rock to break it open. (Most of the throwing starts at about 1:30). You can read more about the video and the scientist who took the video clip here.

On Youtube: Orange-Dotted Tuskfish Uses Tool

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