wait, you mean you didn’t know a goldfish could play a set of handbells?

A fellow fish blogger has made a video of her goldfish Jor Jor learning to play a set of handbells. It just proves that good training is really only limited by the creativity of the trainer! She attached strings to the handbells, then taught the fish to pull on the strings. Currently, she’s working with 2 bells, I don’t know how many more she plans to add.

You can watch the video here.

You can also read more here and here about how she put the behavior on cue. She uses different symbols on an ipod screen to cue for each bell. This works well, since fish are pretty visual and can see the ipod screen if it is held up to the glass. Since each bell has a separate cue, she can tell the fish when to play each bell.

Blaze isn’t nearly that trained yet! We haven’t done much training over the past month or so, as I’ve been busy with school, the horses and training the dog. Hopefully we’ll have time to work on a few more tricks before I head off for camp this summer.

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