How to make a cat unhappy…

Boo, the rescue’s friendly black and white cat, is not at all fond of the horses. He’s been even less enthusiastic about them this year, ever since Dillon stepped on his tail last spring.

He’s an independent cat and doesn’t really like to be held, either. So, he was pretty grumpy with me when I picked him up over the weekend and let Takoda nuzzle and sniff him.

However, it was worth it, because Takoda absolutely loved him! Takoda scrunched up his nose and started grooming him, as if he were another horse. Boo eventually started squirming, so I let him down and he went running off. Takoda tried to follow after him, but he scooted under the side of the fence. I don’t think Boo was too offended, though, as he came wandering back several minutes later looking for more attention.

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