Pet portraits that help pets in need

I’ve been chatting some with Joy Malin, a professional artist from New York City. Joy is both an artist, specializing in oils, and an art instructor, teaching students about painting and the fundamentals of art. She is also the owner and director of Malin Fine Art, an independent fine art brokerage firm.

Joy has always been a lover of animals, particularly dogs. Several years ago she decided to combine this love with her love of painting. Her unique pet portraits capture the special personality of each animal she paints. Even more inspiring, Joy is using her paintings to help animal rescue organizations. She has graciously allowed me to share photos of some of her paintings on my site. I also asked her to share about how she got started painting pets. I hope you enjoy her story.

I have been a working artist for almost forty years. I moved back to New York City with my two-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Charlie, eleven years ago, just after 9/11. All my children were grown and were also living in the city. Even though the art business is a difficult business, they always say to follow your instincts, and I did.

Not long after I moved back to the city, it was my daughter’s birthday. I had no idea what I could give her, but I wondered if she would like a painting of her dog. Although I had never painted a dog before, I found it really fun. My daughter Heather loved her birthday gift and so did everyone who saw the painting. Afterwards, I started getting commissions for dog paintings. Everyone else wanted one too!

I love painting pets because people care so much about their pets. Many times I have had someone burst into tears when they first see the painting. I hope it’s because the painting is good, but I also know that the tears are because they love their pet so much.

Just a few of the dogs that artist Joy Malin has painted.

Every moment I paint, I have Charlie, my terrier, at my side. He is so sweet and takes such good care of me. I don’t think I could ever thank him for being so wonderful. My whole life, there are two things I have constantly loved, art and animals. I think my love for animals is because I have always had amazing dogs in my life.

A year ago in August, my little Charlie was diagnosed with diabetes and became very sick. Luckily, a top diabetes specialist here in New York was able to help Charlie and he is doing great now. I now feel I have had the opportunity to pay Charlie back for all the love he has shown me during our years together. Every day I tell him “I’ve got your back,” “don’t worry about anything,” and “thank you” for your unconditional love.

I know many dogs are not as lucky as Charlie. I know I can’t help every animal, but I wanted to be able to help animals in need. Because of that, ten percent of every pet portrait I paint goes to the rescue organization of the purchaser’s choice.

I also have donated paintings to pet charities for their fundraisers. Through doing this, I have met some of the most wonderful people who are doing great things to help animals.

Thank you for letting me share about Charlie and my artwork. Please visit my website, to view more of my paintings or to contact me. I always love to hear from other animal lovers.

~Charlie and Joy

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