Strange and Wonderful Equine Hybrids

Many equine species are able to breed with each other. Although the offspring are usually not fertile, some of them can be quite interesting too see! Most people know that a mule is the cross between a horse and a donkey. (The above mule is a little fellow named Scooby. We used him for riding and packing the summer I worked in Colorado.)

But have you heard of some of these other strange crosses?

  • Zebra    x    Horse    =    Zorse
  • Zebra    x    Donkey    =    Zonkey
  • Zebra    x    Pony    =    Zony

Zebroids (zebras crossed with other equines) tend to be a bit more wild and unpredictable than domesticated horses and donkeys. This is because half their genes come from a wild zebra. However, with careful training, zebra crosses can be trained and ridden much like horses or mules. Here’s a great video showing a woman working on a mounting block lesson with her zonkey. (and using clicker training, too!)

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