Wordless Wednesday: Pierce

On (almost) Wordless Wednesdays,
I feature a rescue animal in north Texas.

I met Pierce about a week ago. Pierce came to the Denton Animal Shelter in a trap. He was terrified at first, so the shelter thought he might be a feral cat. (The shelter gets quite a few feral cats who are brought to the shelter in traps. Most of these cats have had little, if any, contact with people and cannot be petted or even touched.)

However, Pierce has completely warmed up to us and has turned into the biggest sweetheart. This big boy just loves sitting on laps for petting and attention. If you check out Pierce’s petfinder page, there’s a great video clip of him sitting on my lap, soaking up some attention. Hopefully this sweet boy will find a great home soon!

Unfortunately, the shelter environment can be incredibly stressful for cats. Lots of new sights, smells, and sounds, including lots of people, other cats, and even dogs. It can be hard to assess an animal when it first comes to the shelter–is the animal truly terrified of people, or just very unsure about being in a totally strange environment? We try to continually assess the cats at the shelter to catch cats like Pierce, who seem pretty wild when they first arrive, but who turn out to actually be big sweethearts.

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