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In this section you’ll find lots of posts about my wonderful pet rats. Rats make great pets — they are cute and cuddly, but also super smart. Mine are always up to some sort of mischief and I love watching their antics. I use clicker training when training my rats. If you’re not familiar with clicker training, please check out my article What is clicker training?


Chloe’s first rat agility course

Chloe, my agouti and white rat, is still pretty new to clicker training. I started training with her this summer and she has learned several simple tricks, including climbing onto a brick, going through a PVC pipe tunnel, and going over a cardboard jump. This week, I decided to combine the tunnel trick and the […]

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Rat agility A frame 2

Rat agility, coming soon!

I’ve made my rats an A-frame! If you’re not familiar with dog sports, an A-frame is a type of obstacle that is commonly used in dog agility competitions. The dog has to run up one side of the obstacle and then down the other side. The yellow portion is called a “contact.” When going up […]

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Madeleine trains Amy the rat

Want to learn to train a rat?

As some of you know, I’ll be graduating later this month and am currently in the process of setting up my own animal training and consulting business, Texas Animal Training. I’ll be providing training lessons and classes, as well as behavior consultation services, to pets and their owners in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Although […]

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