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In this section you’ll find lots of posts about my wonderful pet rats. Rats make great pets — they are cute and cuddly, but also super smart. Mine are always up to some sort of mischief and I love watching their antics. I use clicker training when training my rats. If you’re not familiar with clicker training, please check out my article What is clicker training?


A few new ratties

Well, I recently (about a week ago) got two new pet rats. These two came from an acquaintance who I know online. She had bought several new rats from a local pet store and ended up with two “oops” litters of baby rats. She’s been trying to find good homes for all of the babies. […]

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Amy goes around a brick

Amy goes around a brick

Amy the rat is learning how to walk around a brick, as you’ll see in the video below. Although walking around a brick might not seem too difficult, this is actually a pretty challenging behavior. Amy had previously learned to stand on top of this very same brick. So, when we first started working on […]

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Conference this weekend (plus some pretty cool rats!)

I’m heading to Minneapolis this weekend for the 39th Annual Convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis, International. This will be my 3rd time to attend and I am really excited. It’s a four day conference, full of lots of fascinating lectures and presentations about both human and animal behavior. I’ll be pretty busy while […]

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amy ipad

Amy goes high-tech (video)

I’ve started teaching Amy to use my iPad! Actually, this is really a project I started on about two years ago. In 2011, I worked some on teaching Ginger, my parent’s dog, to use my iPad. Although she did learn to touch a square button on the iPad, we never really progressed past that point. […]

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