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In this section you’ll find lots of posts about my wonderful pet rats. Rats make great pets — they are cute and cuddly, but also super smart. Mine are always up to some sort of mischief and I love watching their antics. I use clicker training when training my rats. If you’re not familiar with clicker training, please check out my article What is clicker training?


My Mouse Escape Artist

I have a new friend. He’s a little white mouse who I’ve named Houdini. The name’s appropriate, he is quite the escape artist! Houdini is just a plain little white mouse who was meant to be snake food. He was even given to a snake and (we think) the snake tried to snatch him, as […]

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Georgie Learns to Spin

Georgie’s latest trick is spinning in a circle. We’ve been working on this over several days and she’s really starting to get the hang of it! Check out the video clip below. Now, the interesting thing about training is that sometimes what the animal learns is slightly different from what we are teaching. I was […]

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Georgie Learns a New Trick

One thing I’ve been doing more of this semester is rat training. I started some clicker training with my rat Georgie last fall. However, I didn’t get too far past teaching food delivery and conditioning the clicker. So far this fall we’ve worked on a handful of tricks, including targeting, standing on a platform (including […]

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