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Books. DVDs. Conferences and clinics. Dog treats and toys. And more! In this section, you’ll find notes from conferences I have attended, as well as my opinions and reviews of all sorts of different animal training products. If you have a book, DVD, toy, or other type of product that you’d like to see reviewed on my site, let me know!

ORCA: Great Minds Conference

ORCA, one of the organizations run by the behavior analysis department at the Univerisity of North Texas is sponsoring a conference on Friday on “The Art and Science of Animal Training: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?” I was able to sign up to go cheaply, since I’m taking classes at UNT. They […]

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Note: I no longer use Horseflix, but instead use a service called giddyupflix. Click here to read why I switched. What happens when you combine the concept of Netflix with over 500 horse training and instructional DVDs (as well as a handful of fictional movies, some documentaries and other fun horse-related DVDs)? You get Horseflix! […]

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Phrenology for Horses?

When’s the last time you talked to someone about phrenology? Probably not very recently. Phrenology was a 19th century scientific philosophy for determining human personality traits based on reading bumps and fissures on the skull. Although this concept has been dismissed as pseudoscience, a small number of people believe that techniques such as these can […]

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