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What makes a good reinforcer?

Here’s how I’m putting theory from the classroom into my training sessions! Several weeks ago in my intro behavior analysis class we talked about good reinforcers using an acronym called DISC. This is what DISC stands for: D–deprivation I–immediacy S–size C–contengency The best reinforcers are something the animal hasn’t had in awhile (principle of deprivation), […]

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Paden Smells his Tail

Here’s a video of Paden and I playing a bit. Paden’s a paint gelding who I’ve been working with some at the horse rescue where I volunteer. He’s a nice little horse and has had some training. However, he still has lots of things to learn. He tends to carry his head quite high and […]

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ORCA: Part 3. Steve Martin

These are my notes from the ORCA Great Minds conference at UNT in March 2009. The Great Minds conference brought half a dozen top trainers together to talk about animal training, clicker training, operant conditioning and the future of training. This is the third post of my thoughts and notes and the last page of […]

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ORCA: Great Minds Conference

ORCA, one of the organizations run by the behavior analysis department at the Univerisity of North Texas is sponsoring a conference on Friday on “The Art and Science of Animal Training: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?” I was able to sign up to go cheaply, since I’m taking classes at UNT. They […]

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First Night of Clicker Training Classes

Ginger and I just got back from our first night of clicker training classes. She’s now completely passed out on the living room floor. Man, she says, training is hard work! The class went well. I liked the instructor and the group isn’t too huge (there are 10 of us). I think it’s going to […]

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Dog Training Begins in Earnest

So I’ve signed our dog Ginger up for some clicker training classes at a place in Dallas that offers agility, pre-agility and obedience classes. The classes start this evening and I’m excited. Ginger’s excited, too. Actually, she’s not, because she doesn’t know about the classes yet. But, if she did know, she’d be super excited […]

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