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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

Dallas got quite a bit of snow yesterday! (Well, our house got over an inch, which is a lot for Dallas.) The snow stuck around until today and Ginger has really enjoyed playing it in. Check out the photos below! click here for a larger version Below are each of the individual images that make […]

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Check Your Verbal Cues

This is part of a series of several posts on cues. I wrote last week a bit about what a cue is and common stimuli that can be used as cues. Often, we try and teach our pets verbal cues. But how well does your dog (or cat, parrot or pony) recognize your verbal cue […]

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A Ginger Adventure

Ginger got away at dog training class tonight. Luckily, the property is fenced, so she didn’t really get away. She just got to tear wildly around the property for awhile until I cornered her and stepped on the leash.  When other dogs have gotten loose in the past, they want to investigate the other people […]

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a picture from last fall. Ginger sitting attentively watching me, and waiting for a treat.

Ginger gets a gold star!

Well, not really. If we gave her a gold star, she’d probably eat it.  But, we are really proud of Ginger because she passed her pre-agility level 1 class Monday night! The last time I wrote about our training classes, I had just increased our reinforcers from measly dog treats to hot dogs and string […]

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Dog Training Update

Here’s a video of Ginger and I playing from about a week ago. It shows a handful of the things we’ve been working on recently. We’ve been working quite a bit on targeting type behaviors, including touching my palm and touching the end of a targeting stick. (More information about target training.) She really understand […]

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