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What is clicker training? Read this article to learn all about this positive reinforcement based method for training dogs, horses, and other animals.

What is clicker training?

Have you heard about clicker training? Clicker training is one of the fastest growing training methods because people who try clicker training find that their animals love it. Clicker training is a reward based training system that uses a special signal to tell the animal “Yes! That’s right!” In this article, you’ll learn all about […]

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Some summer readings: A few fun articles

Lately people have been sending me all sorts of interesting articles to read! I’ve linked below to three really thought provoking ones that I’ve come across lately. One’s about frustration during clicker training, another is about neuroscience, and the third is about teaching algebra through games. So, all three are completely different, but I hope […]

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Target, lure, or free-shape? Which is best?

These are my notes from the 2012 Art and Science of Animal Training Conference. Click here for more notes from this conference. If you’ve been around enough clicker trainers and positive animal trainers, you’ll find that everyone has an opinion about shaping, luring and targeting. And, trainers often don’t agree about which of these methods […]

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