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Horses Having Fun

Here are some recent photos of two of our geldings at the rescue, Shiloh and Sebastian, playing with each other and generally having a great time. The weather was quite nice last week and the horses really seemed to enjoy it. Shiloh is the dun (the one on the right in the photo below) and […]

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Horse Initiated Desensitization

Here’s a simple pattern Shiloh and I were playing with at liberty on Sunday afternoon 1) Shiloh approaches me and targets an exercise ball I am holding. Once he touches it with his nose, I click and give him a treat. 2) As I feed the treat in front of him, I move to his […]

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Shiloh Jumps the Blue Barrels

Well, jump isn’t perhaps the right word, as it implies a major exertion of energy. However, he was pretty interested in them, especially once he learned I’d reward him for interacting with the barrels with a click and a treat. First, Shiloh nudged the barrel with his nose a few times. This evolved to licking […]

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Some Recent Photos of Shiloh

Some Recent Photos of Shiloh

Shiloh is a young dun QH gelding who I’ve been playing with at the rescue where I volunteer. He spent 90 days at the beginning of this year with a local trainer who mainly uses the Parelli program. He is curious, but shy, and prior to training, he was incredibly skeptical of people. The trainer […]

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