Some Recent Photos of Shiloh

Shiloh is a young dun QH gelding who I’ve been playing with at the rescue where I volunteer. He spent 90 days at the beginning of this year with a local trainer who mainly uses the Parelli program. He is curious, but shy, and prior to training, he was incredibly skeptical of people. The trainer did a great job spending a lot of time on groundwork with him and also started him under saddle. He’s a lot more confident now, especially after he starts to get to know you. Shiloh is incredibly sensitive and responsive on the ground and it’s really fun to play with him. I’ve started riding him some and he’s doing great under saddle. We’ve been mostly practicing in a large round pen, although at the end of last week we went on a ride all over the property, visiting with some of the other horses, stopping to smell interesting objects, and walking over or doing circles around different obstacles. He had no problem riding around and will probably be a great trail horse! These pictures are from about a week ago when my mom came out to see the rescue.


Saddled and ready to go riding. I ride him in a rope halter with reins attached. He’s sensitive and does great in just a halter.



We always play on the ground for awhile before we ride. This is so he can get warmed up and for me to see what mood he’s in and what side of the pasture he woke up on. Here we’re doing some circles around the round pen and I’m asking him to change directions.


In this photo, we’re using a mounting block and a large bucket as two obstacles to do figure-8s around. Shiloh’s great at figure-8s, we tried some at liberty several days ago and he did almost perfectly.


Shiloh stands quietly while I prepare to get on.


Checking my cinch and stirrups now that I’m on. Shiloh has an absolutely adorable face. I just love his facial markings.


We both smile for the camera!


Walking quietly around the perimeter of the pen. We’re currently working on a lot of basic exercises to get him more comfortable under saddle, follow the rail, circles, figure-8s, walk-trot-halt transitions, backing up and other things.


Asking Shiloh to back up several steps.


Want to see more photos of some of the other horses I regularly play with? Here are some photos of a bunch of the horses and here are some other photos from several of us riding in mid-April. (and of course, we mustn’t forget Paden smelling his tail!)

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