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More Clicker Training for Medical Tasks

I’ve been corresponding a bit by e-mail with an equine clicker trainer from the UK, Hannah Dawson. That’s one thing I absolutely love about the internet, I can talk to people about training even though they might be an ocean away. Anyways, Hannah posted a video on her blog recently of one of her clients. […]

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Teaching Targeting to a Blind Dog

My friend Miki over at Blind Dog Training recently posted a video tutorial that I really like. In the video, she explains how to teach a blind dog to target your hand. Here’s two reasons why I really like this video: 1. Clever use of cues. Miki first snaps with the target hand so that […]

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a formerly untouchable horse gets petted

Gracie makes more progress

Kirsten captured some great pictures over the weekend of Gracie and I interacting. I’m petting her in most of these, but the way my body is turned, you can’t really tell. I just love how calm, relaxed, engaged and curious she looks in all of them. She is definitely a different horse from last November! […]

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Autumn Plays Touch the Goblins

The great outdoors can be a scary place! Autumn and I have started going for walks around the yard, which I wrote a bit about here. We’re encountering all sorts of strange sights, sounds, smells, textures, and noises. Some of these new objects can seem like monsters to a horse, especially once they’ve left the […]

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Clicker Training Shoulder Targeting

I often think of targeting as a simple exercise. It’s one of the first skills I teach the horses when clicker training and it works great for teaching other behaviors. Usually, I think of targeting as a dog or horse touching their nose to something. However, there are many different ways to expand on targeting […]

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