Dog treat review: Evanger’s wild salmon treats

I recently received a sample of Evanger’s Grain-Free Wild Salmon treats from I’ve tried these out with a few different dogs and the vote is unanimous, these are some super tasty treats!

Evangers salmon treats from

These treats are “one ingredient” treats and are made from 100% dried salmon. So, they don’t contain any additional ingredients, such as grains, fillers, preservatives, artificial coloring, or anything else yucky. They are also made in the USA.

I’ve been using these treats some for training and they work great when I need a really high value treat. For example, my foster pup, Henry, will go into his crate when I ask, but sometimes he hesitates just a little bit or seems a little unsure about having to enter the crate. Once he’s in the crate, he’s okay.

We’ve spent some time every day practicing going in and out of the crate and he’s been getting somewhat better. I was using another type of treat for these practice sessions, but switched recently to giving him a few pieces of the Evanger’s Wild Salmon treats each time he goes into the crate. All of a sudden, Henry seems to think that the crate is the best place ever!

What the dogs and I thought about these treats:

Taste: These treats are yummy, yummy, yummy! At least, that’s what Henry, Ginger and a few other dogs have been telling me. I haven’t found a dog yet that did not like these treats.

Evangers Wild Salmon Treats

Size and texture: These treats came in medium sized strips and chunks. Although they are dried, they are very easy to break into small chunks. Also, since they are so tasty and smelly, I’ve been able to get away with just giving very small pieces as rewards.

Smell: The one thing I didn’t really like about the treats was the smell. They definitely have a very strong fishy smell. However, on the flip side, this is probably one reason why the dogs got so excited about these treats! If you don’t like fishy smells, I’d probably recommend trying Evanger’s beef flavors, rather than the salmon.

Ingredients: These treats are pretty healthy, as they are 100% Salmon. Evanger’s also makes several other flavors of 100% whole meat treats and I am interested in trying some of the other varieties in the future.

Clicker training with Mocha the catahoula

Cost: These treats are reasonable compared to what most pet stores charge for 100% meat treats. I plan on buying more of them in the future because the dogs seem to really love them. Also, the box I have has lasted quite a while, since I’m able to break them into pretty small pieces and since I usually only use them when I need an extra special reward.

The other interesting thing about these treats is that Evanger’s advertises and labels them as good for both dogs and cats. I don’t have a cat, but I think most cats would probably also think that these treats were pretty tasty.

If you’ve tried any of Evanger’s treats in the past, I’d love to hear what you and your dogs (or cats) thought of them. And, if you’re interested in buying some of these treats, take a trip over to

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