Clicker Carnival #2

Welcome to the second Clicker Carnival, a blog carnival especially for clicker trainers and positive animal trainers.

I hope October was a wonderful month of training for you and your animals. We had 20 days of rain, so the horses got plenty of practice of walking through puddles this month! This month’s edition of the clicker carnival is full of interesting training stories and great articles with tips and advice. (If you missed the first edition last month, you can check it out here.)

Our first submission for the carnival comes from Eric Goebelbecker, of Dog Spelled Forward. His article Five Ways to Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People helps you teach an enthusiastic dog to stop jumping on people. Not only are these great tips, but Eric also includes a short video with instructions for teaching your dog an incompatible behavior.

Maybe you have a slightly different problem and your dog won’t come when called? Check out Eric’s post on training a solid recall, My Dog Won’t Come When Called. A solid recall is one of the most important cues to teach a dog. Eric gives tips and suggestions for teaching a recall and includes several great training videos starring his dog caffeine.

A dog crate can be a wonderful training tool if used right. Robert D. Jones presents Send Her to the Dog Crate posted at Best Dog Crate Review, which outlines some points to consider when buying a crate and beginning crate training.

Are you and your dog having fun yet? Barrie writes about playing some fun and positive games with her dogs in her post Silly Games on her blog, Fun With Dogs. I encourage you to read her post and then think of some ways you can make your training even more fun for your animals!

Kyley of The Trick Ponies of Chincoteague presents an article called Follow Me. She discusses how to stop her pony from biting while being led by modify a natural horsemanship technique to include clicker training. The post includes two short video clips that show how much progress Boomer is making.

What would the carnival be without a few aquatic animals? Check out Diane Rains latest video, Hoop, Please, and Make It A Double posted at The Bubble Blog. Circus star Clemmie expands his hoop skills yet again. I continue to be impressed with the super training Diane does with her fish. Her fish are better trained than a lot of dogs I know!

Is your dog 100% perfect? Even as positive trainers, we often focus a lot on the problems and negatives. Lisa-Anne Manolius presents In Search Of The Ever Elusive Perfect Dog on her blog Oh Behave! This is a very thoughtful post that will help you start thinking more positively about your dog’s behavior.

In clicker training, the behavior you get is what you click. One of the best ways to improve training is by improving our mechanical skills. Angela Adams MSc CABC writes about Clicker Mechanics on her blog fun4fido – clicker training 4 dogs. She talks about why mechanics are important and then gives instructions for a handful of fun games that trainers can play to improve their timing and mechanics. Check them out, and see if your training mechanics are really as good as you think they are!

Now that you’ve improved your timing and mechanics, what are some awesome tricks to teach your dog? Johann the Dog of The Days of Johann, an Agility Dog submitted a great post about a fun trick Gracie recently learned. Does your dog know how to turn off the lights? Read about the training process and see a great video clip by visiting the post, Fun Games and Tricks for Dogs– Turn Off the Light Switch!

Robin, of Living with Parrots Cage Free, presents an interesting article called Night Night, Curtain!. This post is a fascinating example about how our animals learn to communicate with us. Sometimes, we can tell exactly what they’re trying to say!

And finally, just for fun, check out these photos of Rosie playing with her brand new gigantic green ball in the post Rosie Meets the Big Green Ball on my blog, Stale Cheerios. Introducing your animal to strange objects can be a great way to help build confidence.

Thanks for reading the second edition of the clicker carnival. Please leave a comment and let us know which article was your favorite! I hope you’ll come back next month for another great selection of blog posts related to positive animal training. If you have a blog, consider submitting a post of your own to the next edition, we’d love to have you join us.

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