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Did you know that horses could be trained with clicker training? In this section you’ll find lots of information about how positive reinforcement training methods can be used to create horses that are smart, brave, athletic and enthusiastic about training. If you’re skeptical, I recommend starting with this blog post, which summarizes a research study that examined whether clicker training causes horses to bite.

Three men sit on folding chairs in a medium sized pen. They play poker on the table in front of them--a table made from an over turned water trough. A mustang who is loose in the pen stands next to one of the men, nuzzling the table.

Mustang Poker

I’ve been watching Carolyn Resnick’s Waterhole Rituals DVD. I don’t agree with a lot of her horse psychology and dominance theory approach. However, she does make some good points. In the beginning of the DVD she talks briefly about the power of curiosity as a motivator. Instead of chasing our horses around and around a […]

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Gracie Update

About a month ago, I wrote about Gracie, one of the mares at the horse rescue where I volunteer. Gracie’s a smart mare, but extremely skeptical of people. (And she has reason to be–she’s got scars on her body that were most likely human inflicted.) I’ve spent time with Gracie once or twice a week […]

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Equine Artists

I love positive training methods and clicker training because it opens up a whole range of new behaviors we can teach our animals that could never be possible with traditional methods. I’ve recently found a new blog that I love. Cheryl, the woman who owns the website, has taught all four of her horses to […]

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Paden Smells his Tail

Here’s a video of Paden and I playing a bit. Paden’s a paint gelding who I’ve been working with some at the horse rescue where I volunteer. He’s a nice little horse and has had some training. However, he still has lots of things to learn. He tends to carry his head quite high and […]

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Note: I no longer use Horseflix, but instead use a service called giddyupflix. Click here to read why I switched. What happens when you combine the concept of Netflix with over 500 horse training and instructional DVDs (as well as a handful of fictional movies, some documentaries and other fun horse-related DVDs)? You get Horseflix! […]

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