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Clicker Training for Veterinary Procedures

We’ve been talking a lot on facebook about using clicker training to teach your horse (or any other animal) to willingly participate in veterinary care. Many vet procedures, such as shots, wound care and even general examinations can be pretty frightening for a horse. Often the horse is not familiar with the vet and there […]

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Bob Bailey and Animal Training

I’m nearing the end of a series of posts on the 2010 Art and Science of Animal Training Conference. This post is some of my thoughts on the presentation by the second speaker, and one of my favorites, Bob Bailey. Bob Bailey is well known through out the dog training world for his infamous chicken […]

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Animals in captivity

Zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks, sea world, nature centers, personal pets, we encounter animals around us all the time. Many of the wild animals we encounter today (especially in zoos and aquariums) are bred in captivity, rather than collected from the wild. Animals have a host of needs that must be met in captivity. If the […]

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Going Back to Kindergarten

I’ve been reading Karen Pryor’s first book on training, Lads Before the Wind. Written in the 70s, it’s her personal account of how she learned the principles of operant conditioning and positive reinforcement training by training dolphins in Hawaii. Her park was one of the first to do this, and the book is filled with […]

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