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Training animals is the easy part and teaching people is the hard part! In this section, you’ll find articles and advice that will help you improve your own training skills and that will help you if you teach other people how to train animals.

Music Learning Lab screen shot

Shaping Musical Behavior

This post is going to be about teaching people, rather than training animals. (However, it will involve some pretty cute animated animals!) Many of the principles of good animal training apply equally as well to teaching humans. In fact, behavior analysts were designing positive reinforcement based teaching programs for people long before clicker training caught […]

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Can companies enforce safety without using punishment?

These are my notes from some of the lectures I attended at the 38th annual convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, which I attended in May. I attended a lecture by Cloyd Hyten which focused on the use of punishment by large businesses and corporations, especially when trying to enforce safety rules. Interestingly, […]

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Ethical Decision Making: Right vs. Right

I mentioned in my back to school post a couple of weeks ago that I am taking an ethics class this semester. This class is one of the required classes for my behavior analysis master’s program. The class has been pretty interesting so far and each class has been filled with plenty of good discussions and […]

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