Are You Having Fun Yet? (video)

Horse training (or dog training, parrot training, fish training, etc.) should be fun. Let me repeat, training an animal should be fun and enjoyable for both you and the animal! So, are you having fun yet? And is your horse or dog having the same amount of fun?

Many times we say an animal (or person) should do something because he ought to or because we think he should. The horse who disobeys and the dog who doesn’t listen are both being disrespectful and bad. Same goes for the child who won’t sit still in school.

But think about it this way, what’s in it for them to do as you say? If the answer is not a whole lot, you can bet the animal isn’t going to be so keen on listening or following directions.

Check out this video below. Many doctors and health experts are forever hounding on their patients to get more exercise. A simple way to get a bit more exercise is to take the stairs instead of walking. However, humans, like horses, are often masters of conservation of energy and prefer elevators and escalators. If we can make stairs fun, people are more likely to use them.

So, here’s what I want to know

What are some simple ways you make your training fun? Do you have any special games or activities that your horse, dog or other pet just loves? What do you do when you have trouble motivating the animal?

Where are the magical musical stairs in your training?

I look forward to hearing your comments!

And a big thanks to Cheryl, of Painting Horse, who originally posted this video .

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